07 April, 2014

Mass Observation

I'm trying to get back into the habit of doing some writing every day and this seems like a good way to ease into it. So in the spirit of Mass Observation - so far today: Child #3 came into my room this morning to announce that she'd just thrown up and was feeling dodgy. I didn't think it could be food poisoning because I'd eaten everything that she'd eaten and I was fine - although to be fair, it has to be a pretty brutal bacterium to get through my Malaysia-honed digestive system - so I gave her some juice, some bread, some peppermint tea, a basin to throw up in (she hasn't again, so far) and sent her back to the bed. I suspect it's the same bug that Child #2 had a couple of weeks ago.

Toast and Marmite for breakfast, reading Wolf Hall on Kindle.

Had bath. Finished Norman Davies' Europe.

Walked the dog.

Went to Tescos and bought Spam, All Bran, rich tea biscuits, 2 packs of Duracell AA batteries, flour, chicken, salmon, bacon and Cif. Went to halal grocers and bought tomatoes. Went back to Tescos and picked up bag that I'd left behind.

Had a cup of tea with Anne. Bemoaned our uselessness in the face of life's challenges.

Defrosted mince for dinner.

Funded account with solicitors.

Bought some Sainsburys shares.

Played some online Scrabble against Little Sister.

Played some online Killer Sudoku.

Began JJ Norwich's History of Venice.

And now for lunch!


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