09 April, 2007


The wonderful thing about the great Christian festivals is that the congregation at SJC, which normally looks like a set of extras from the Vicar of Dibley, is swelled by an influx of much better-looking people for me to feast my eyes on. Yesterday there was a gorgeous man two pews ahead, who looked like a tough quizzical choirboy, perfectly positioned for me to admire his beautifully-shaped chino-clad posterior, as we massacred Thine Be the Glory.

There was incense too, cue Curly’s reaction to the centuries-old tradition so redolent of the heady atmosphere of worship and sacrifice: “It’s smelly!” Mo, Larry and I in chorus: “Everything that smells isn’t smelly, Curly!”

I see the Pope is bringing back the Tridentine Mass. He may be a misogynistic frothing-at-the-mouth Nazi but at least he knows that Latin is the tongue that God and his angels speak in Heaven.

Speaking of incomprehensible ancient tongues, we caught the last 20 minutes of Mel Gibson’s Passion on Good Friday, as we lay coddled in the bosom of the Four Seasons Singapore. Why is the suffering necessary, asks LSS. I don’t know, but it obviously is necessary, and I have an inkling that it has something to do with the question that is asked with increasing urgency throughout the Bible, from Job on down: why do we suffer?

Or maybe he was asking why the suffering is necessary in the context of the movie. I don’t know. Why is the suffering necessary in 24? Because we’re sick, that’s why! We’re sick bastards!

Or maybe he was referring to the fact that the Four Seasons had failed to place complimentary bottles of water in our rooms. Why, Lord, why?

Watched Freedom Writers on the plane going back (it’s not my fault – there was nothing else on, except an episode of Will and Grace with Josh Lucas guest-starring – yummy). Wept buckets. Always weep whenever people start going on about Anne Frank and the Holocaust.

LSS has deleted the White Album from my iPod and put on a whole sheaf of much better music. I’m positively looking forward to my run today! I have to run every day this week because I have just spent a week in KL and come back a stone heavier than when I left. Watched music videos on Youtube – Lenny Kravitz and American Woman, with Heather Graham doing rock-chick writhing around on the top of a bus. B52s and Love Shack. The Animals and the House of the Rising Sun. Queen and We Are the Champions at Live Aid more than 20 years ago! I mean I remember watching that live on Irish Sociologist’s telly in her old Queensborough Terrace flat! Oh, sweet bird of youth!


Blogger dgny said...

Ours had a bottle of water from Fiji. For 5 bucks.

6:01 pm  
Blogger hugh said...

On an ecclesiastic note, I just came across a piece C.S. Lewis wrote called 'The dangers of national repentance'. (It's a bit of a fad these days to 'repent for the Crusades', etc. - and this has always struck me as facile, even phoney, for reasons I couldn't put into words.) As so often, wherever you go, you meet Lewis coming back:

'The first and fatal charm of national repentance is...the encouragement it gives us to turn from the bitter task of repenting our own sins to the congenial one of bewailing – but first of denouncing – the conduct of others.'

5:01 am  
Blogger dgny said...

Oh for crying out loud. Your shout box isn't working, you haven't posted in ages. This is ridiculous. You must start going home for lunch. It's the only answer.

3:44 am  

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