29 May, 2014


Today, bagged up a load of Country Life's to give away to a Freecycler. Took dog for a walk all the way up to Clapham Junction to get Lol's school shoes resoled and heeled - it cost £25! This is the last time I bother to do this - I might as well buy a new pair and be resigned to them only lasting a year. Took Fungus up to the Brazilian embassy to do a schools' exchange thing for the 2016 Olympics. Got loads of Brazilian Olympics loot and also ate some excellent cheese puffs and drank guarana juice. Muy exotico! as they don't say in Rio. Back down in sweltering hot train and taught Fungus how to cook spag bol. After dinner, watched School of Rock with the grils. Joan Cusack just brilliant: "I've just been informed that all of your children are missing. So..."

Think I may have found someone to offload that old sofa on, that the Countess of Whojamaflip offloaded onto us 7 years ago.


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