20 June, 2007

Long Weekend

Had to go on a management course last week, which, among other things, left me feeling very far short of what I should be in every sphere of my life. I suppose it could be worse. I could be one of the later Byzantine emperors, whose shortcomings were generally punished by (if they were very lucky) having their noses cut off and being exiled to Bulgaria, (averagely lucky) being assassinated on the steps of the altar in St Sophia, (very unlucky) having their feet cut off, being dragged backwards attached to the tail of an ass through Constantinople, then being suspended being two pillars and having things thrown at you until you died (mind you, this particular emperor was really asking for it).

Had a lovely long weekend as I took Monday off work. This was the weekend we were supposed to be going to Kyoto in, but bailed because of all the moving stress – and I think it was a good decision.

LSS sent out our change of address e-mail to all and sundry, and so many people wrote back saying, What, no leaving drinks? that now we have had to plan a leaving drinks for this weekend. It started off by my saying, look, we’ll keep it simple, just booze and crisps. Now, LSS-fashion, it has expanded into cheeseboards, crostini and chili.

Went to Shek O yesterday and romped in the cooling waves with the kids, our enjoyment heightened all the more by the knowledge that contemporaneously the Merde Alors were walking the Dragon’s Back in the 30 degree heat, for reasons best known to themselves. Colourful paragliders were hovering over the mountains. Lunch at the Chinese-Thai place with the Merde Alors, who survived their deranged trek, then back home for more splashy fun in the swimming pool.

I have developed yet another huge boil on my other thigh, when the last one has barely healed. Alright, I give up, I’m going to take the antibiotics. Coincidentally, I was just reading the Book of Job the other day. I am not taking my plague of boils with his equanimity. Curly is in a super-allergic phase, and LSS has to weep for half-an-hour every morning because his eyes sting so much. Really, the sooner we leave unhealthy HK the better.

Bought Season 1 of Entourage from HMV and watched it over the weekend. Like it. Going back for Season 2 today.

Got into work today and found my calendar has been filled with meetings for this morning, which I had deliberately kept clear in order to write people’s interim appraisals. Buggeration.


Blogger dgny said...

Make them take a sample from the boil so they know exactly which antibiotics to give you - probably caused by all the stress. More yoga or maybe go get some acupuncture.

3:15 pm  
Blogger Tiny said...

I agree with DG - the stress from moving can affect your immune system.

I hope that you can relax when you finally settle down in your new home.

1:32 am  
Blogger mango said...

Oddly enough, I'm ploughing through the book of Job too at the moment, but in German.

My cure-all for boils (and pimples) is to wash it with soap and water, dry, then liberally apply Savlon (but I think any antiseptic cream will do). Repeat daily or as needed. It always clears up a day or two after that.

7:38 am  
Blogger Icedink said...

You'll soon be back in Blighty, (which isn't all bad), although the latest thing to be banned (see Fumie) are the Tony Hancock 'Go To Work on An Egg' adverts. Hang in there.

9:12 am  
Blogger FBT said...

oh, this boil is way beyond the reach of such humble remedies. It is a biblical boil of apocalyptic proportions.

I would think German would be a rather good language to curse the heavens in.

2:44 pm  

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