19 June, 2008


LSS and I are attempting to have a conversation while Curly persistently interrupts. In the end, LSS turns to her and says sternly: "Curly! Stop interrupting. You're always talking!"

Curly responds cheerfully: "But I have so much to say!"

Later in the week:

Curly (thoughtfully): I think my shoes have feelings.
LSS: How are they feeling? Happy or sad?
Curly: This one is angry and this one is happy.

Good day at work today - I was replacing for someone who couldn't attend on an interview course. Feedback on my interview technique from the participants: relaxed, friendly, creates rapport, flows nicely, scared the shit out of us.

Good! That is just the impression I want to make on my interviewees - that they're being interviewed by a highly polished homicidal maniac.


Blogger ulaca said...

Just a bugger you can't believe what people say in interviews.

3:49 am  
Blogger fumier said...

Was the word 'stern' used?

3:52 am  

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