21 July, 2008


I love this resort - it has free wireless internet everywhere! At last I can make like one of those people in the adverts who sit by the pool with their laptops, glamorously checking how far London property prices have slid in the past five minutes.

It rained torrentially yesterday, but cleared up enough for us to make a trip into town in the afternoon. The weather report for today was merely for "heavy rain" but in fact it has been beautiful all day. We went down to Tanjung Rhu beach and enjoyed the same beach and the same sea as the Four Seasons people further down the beach, for the princely sum of no dollars. Although we were charged one ringgit for a rinse off at a standpipe behind the coffeeshop where I bought a bunch of rambutan for a dollar fifty.

Went to Mo's favourite Thai restaurant in a mangrove swamp for lunch, but it has gone sadly downhill since the last time we were in Langkawi, so ended up in a pizza place. Afternoon spent lounging by the pool. Ahhhh!


Blogger SMW said...

European weather update: afternoon spent dodging unseasonal thunderstorms and shivering. Food update: beans have made a welcome appearance in the garden: should have tomatoes next week and carrots soon thereafter. Raspberries finished for now, but have made a lovely pot of jam (a pot of lovely jam?). Plums ripening nicely, as are pears, although of course we won't get teh chance to eat them as they'll all end up in the village still.

Want more food updates from malaysia. Roti channai? Durian? Kway teow?

10:32 am  
Blogger Tiny said...

Sounds like a great vacation!

And both rambutan and durian are yummy.

12:04 am  

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