15 July, 2008

Movie Roundup

The Emirates entertainment facilities are the best I've seen so far - loads of movies, TV, music and games, and all at your choice, fast forwardable etc. Watched on the plane - 5 episodes of 30 Rock, which I'm really liking, White Heat (we love Jimmy Cagney), the musical sequences from Chicago (we love Catherine Zeta Jones), some movie which has completely evaporated from my brain, and half of a soppy movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. I said to Larry re Michelle Pfeiffer, Do you realise that woman is in her 50s? Doesn't she look stunning? She said, That's amazing, she looks more like your age. Or even younger. I hit her.

Just got back from Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Brendan Fraser). Exactly as expected. Tomorrow Kungfu Panda. The day after that, Wanted. The day after that, Red Cliffs (John Woo).

I love the holidays.


Blogger FBT said...

I've remembered what the evaporated movie was - Enchanted

2:26 pm  
Blogger dgny said...

With Michelle and Paul Rudd? Isn't that "I Could Never be Your Woman"? Or it could be the fairy tale, "Stardust". I don't think she was in Enchanted...

Let me know about Wanted. The G and I really wanted to see it but it's rated 18a so we were worried it might be too scary or too sexy or both.

3:05 pm  
Blogger FBT said...

yes, it was I Could Never Be Your Woman. But I also saw Enchanted (Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey)

8:03 pm  
Blogger L-K said...

Must say no to 'Wanted'. Terrible movie with barely a plot, let alone message, extremely violent, not sexy. Not even anyone or anything to look at. Nice CGI though. 'Kung Fu Panda' was good, but my 5yo reviewed it thus: "BAD movie. Scary." =) Have to say there isn't much out there in the theatres this summer.

9:27 am  
Blogger FBT said...

L-K, how can you say that? Given that the premise is deeply deeply stupid, didn't you enjoy the kineticism? And James McAvoy's new-found buffness? And Angelina Jolie's nice beige trousers?

1:14 am  
Blogger Songshards said...

Hey what does 'exactly as expected' mean for Journey to the Centre of the Earth? I saw a trailer of it and thought yeah Brendon might make a good Mo (for Inkheart) after all.

2:16 am  
Blogger dgny said...

How can anyone say nothing to watch this summer? The Mummy with the Phiz' cousin? The Dark Knight with the amazing Heath? Yeeesh. Brideshead Revisited? My weekends are all lined up as far as I can see!

6:17 am  

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