07 March, 2009

Middle Class Heaven

Mo beat me at Othello today. This is the first time he has ever beaten me at any game that did not involve an element of chance, and he beat me fair and square. A proud day for any parent when they are intellectually outstripped in anything by their children! Of course, now I will have to kill him.

Made an apricot and almond cake today and it was razzer yummy.

Also unearthed the remains of a water feature in our garden - I thought it was just a heap of stones in the middle of one of the beds, but the more I dug, the more stones I turned up (and woodlice), followed eventually by a kind of pipe thing, a big hole in the ground, a circular plastic thing, a reservoir and a pump. It was like an episode of Time Team. SMW says water features in gardens are good things, because they attract frogs. But there's precious little bits of our garden that get the sun in the first place and it seems silly to waste this particular patch on a water feature, rather than the say in the shady north-facing bed, which will clearly never grow anything except rhododendrons.

Put our first kitchen scraps into our brand new subsidised composter from Wandsworth Council today. It's been middle class heaven around here today, what with the composter and the green wellies by the kitchen door and the knitting and listening to the chronic afternoon play on Radio 4.

Listening to a mix CD that someone at work gave me - really nice stuff by a bunch of people I have never heard of. I have lent him Eichmann in Jerusalem in return. Is this a fair exchange?

Larry is learning Auden's O Tell Me the Truth about Love this week. Mo and I are reading Caesar's commentaries on the Civil Wars. I refuse to do any more bedtime readings of books that I personally have no interest in reading.


Blogger dgny said...

Definitely move the water feature to the North section. No question, sun trumps all.

I love Othello. It's one of my favourite games and really, so simple a concept to win and no luck at all. Maybe that's why I like it so much - luck in games has never been my strong suit.

I didn't know people still made CDs. Shouldn't they have just swapped playlists or something?

I love Auden. Stop all the Clocks is my particular favourite, tears, every time.

4:59 am  
Blogger FBT said...

or we were thinking of putting a chicken run in that space. At least, I am. LSS just keeps muttering, Foxes! Foxes!

8:14 pm  
Blogger dgny said...

That he wants foxes instead of chickens or that foxes will eat the chickens? Icedink seemed to like his foxes. Well, his fox visitors. If you only have chickens for the eggs, then you could always set the ones that stop laying out for the foxes...

5:08 am  
Blogger SMW said...

Chickens, for heaven's sake. When you let them out of their pen they'll destroy the rest of your garden, pecking away at all those carefully planted seeds. And LSS was right about foxes. Plus who will come to look after them every day when you go away? Plus chicken shit smells awful.
On the up side, at least you wouldn't have to worry about pythons

6:33 am  

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