16 May, 2007


What a curvy lady I saw getting into the lift today! She was all in black, with a top that emphasised her embonpoint, and city shorts, which emphasised her derriere (why are all these words French?). She looked like a lovely big juicy dumpling.


Blogger Tiny said...

I envy those who have a curvy figure. My parents often use the word "water bucket" when describing my figure, meaning I don't have any curves (other than the belly part).

BTW, I noticed that most women don't have problems with commenting on other women's appearance but men tend to refrain from commenting on other guys' look.

4:06 am  
Blogger hugh said...

gfcdttsgI put that down to the fact that we're all closet gays.

4:58 am  
Blogger 962 said...

I love dumplings
Who wants a string bean when a dumpling is available.

6:44 am  
Blogger Fumier said...

Are you built for comfort, not for speed, then Tine?

10:16 am  
Blogger FBT said...

dumplings can achieve quite a velocity if you place them on a steep incline.

10:22 am  
Blogger 962 said...

You know the most defining aspects of a womans body has to be their bots (buns) and their breasts. This gay man approach to models that make them look like young boys is positively putrid.
Girls you are beatifull when you have some meat on the bone, bring back all those wonderfull bosom dresses and dumpling holders aka sense and sensibility or pride and prejudice
Sorry strayed off the point.

4:36 am  

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