14 May, 2007

More Time Passes

Yet another wedding banquet on Saturday, this time at the Jockey Club clubhouse in Happy Valley. Lots of deep-fried stuff with extra salt for dipping it in, just to make sure that heart condition is coming along nicely. Wedding itself was at City Hall – the bride was very emotional and could not speak without crying, which I thought was very sweet.

LSS feigning debilitation on both Sat and Sun morning, which mysteriously disappears the minute we walk out the door! Anyway, he made a huge steak pie on Saturday, which was lovely. It’s very important to have the remains of a cold steak pie lurking around in the kitchen somewhere, at all times.

Swimming at the club. Some delightful person had left a used baby’s nappy on the table next to our lounger. There are a lot of uncivilised people in HK and without any evidence whatsoever I suspect this party of being your classic squawky-voiced overweight gweipo who thinks she can get away with any kind of crass behaviour because she is in Asia. Very racist, I know. But, hey, I’m Chinese, I’m supposed to be racist.

Prosecco on the lawn with the Merde Alors. She had just been to a kids’ party at AMC and looked frazzled. Recommended that next time she bring a Snapple bottle with her, filled with whisky.

Reading James Hamilton-Paterson’s Amazing Disgrace (not as funny as Cooking with Fernet Branca so far) and some other chap's Confessions of an Economic Hitman – while I am willing to believe anything negative about the US at the moment, his story is slightly undermined by his cover photo, which makes him look like a mahogany-tanned white-toothed snake-oil merchant.


Blogger SMW said...

Better suggestion for Crazy French - orange juice bottle liberally laced with vodka. No inciminating smell. A friend of mine, who was a teacher at a school in Hong Kong, would regularly use this to help her endure endless awful events.

7:58 am  
Blogger 962 said...

Such is the litter of women and babies at the football club. I do so admire the Chinese method of no nappies and no bum trousers.
Let it squirt where it may and share liberally with those that require it or not.

10:44 am  

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