26 April, 2007

Food Review

went out for dinner with Little Squish and her Architect-Fiance at an Italian place called Semplice on Blenheim St. I had calves' liver and spinach, which was fine, but a little calves' liver goes a long way I find. Particularly as I just read somewhere that even 2 oz of red meat a day increases your chances of getting some cancer or other. Dessert was some really good extremely light and delicate apple fritters with what I can only describe as custard spit. We also got (with our coffee) some little discs of dark chocolate seeded with grains of salt, which was not as weird as it sounds.


Blogger Tiny said...

When my doctor told me to eat more red meat because my iron level was a bit too low, I said, "I thought eating too much red meat would give me cancer and cholesterol problem." She said, "If you don't eat, you will die."

Guess moderation is the key.

4:12 am  
Blogger dgny said...

If it's 2 oz a day, I ought to have died years ago...

Hey Tiny, if you need iron, drink OJ with your steak. Helps you absorb it better. That's what they told me when I lost a pint short of a transfusion worth of blood.

1:03 am  

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