03 May, 2007


Went to yoga today as decided I am getting fat. There was a greying-at-the-temples yet hunky guy in the foyer, but sadly he was going to Power Yoga, while I was going to wimpy Sun Salutations, and I am not yet so hard up for yogic eye-candy that I would recklessly take a Power Yoga class just to have something to look at apart from the pert young buttocks of all the yoginis tying themselves into karmic loveknots.


Blogger dgny said...

ugh. I've been working myself up for a return to the land of stinky carpets. At this rate I think I'll have to go every day between now and June to get my money's worth.

6:31 pm  
Blogger Tiny said...

Usually there are more guys in Power Yoga class. You should go ;-)

9:22 pm  
Blogger dgny said...

Funny you mention that, I've just found an ashtanga studio. Unfortunately, they only have mysore in the morning so it's lunchtime yoga for me.

After I finish the dreaded remaining Bikram classes, that is.

12:37 am  

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