06 July, 2007

Barnes Bridge Breakdown

We were on the platform at Barnes Bridge the other day when a blonde woman came dashing onto the platform followed by an older bloke, pulling a suitcase. She was having conniptions - "We have to be at Barnes in 3 minutes! We're not going to make it!" Then they disappeared and reappeared on the opposite platform. In the intervening 3 minutes she had gone from conniptions to total discombobulation. Then they disappeared and reappeared again on our platform where she was hyperventilating about how this platform wasn't for the Twickenham train. By this stage the only train she was fit for would be one with a terminus at the loony bin. LSS' theory was that she had forgotten to take her meds that day. Whenever anyone loses it, he kindly ascribes it to insanity, rather than just poor self-control.

What I can't understand is what she was actually trying to do. She seemed to need to get to Barnes, Twickenham and Reading, and appeared to be going on holiday, but if Reading was her final destination, why didn't she just get a train from Barnes Bridge to Clapham Junction and then take a train to Reading from there? And why go into such conniptions? Even if she missed her train, trains to Reading are hardly as rare as a sunny day during Wimbledon fortnight. And who goes on holiday to Reading anyway? Many mysteries...

Bought a kettle from Peter Jones today (apparently French people never feel the need to boil water), a prepaid sim card from T-mobile, and a lovely big stack of books from Waterstones. Ate cheese omelette and chips, tomato and red onion salad, sticky toffee pudding and ice cream at the Stockpot, washed down with a glass of something-Abruzzo and sparkling mineral water.


Blogger random.thoughts said...

Mmm, omelette and chips, you can't beat it.

Good to see you blogging again.

12:34 pm  
Blogger dgny said...

I once took a project management course where they used a swimming test to demonstrate that just stopping for a few seconds and collecting your thoughts and information about the situation actually takes less time and is more effective than running around willy-nilly.

I think a lot of people don't get that. They get all caught up in the drama and think that as long as they're in motion then they're getting closer to their goal, when in fact the opposite is often true.

LSS is a very kind man.

Have you deleted your HK contacts out of your phone yet? I was just looking at mine the other day and I only have a handful of local numbers where I still have lots of HK numbers, including Food by Fone and Pizzaria Italia, neither of whom deliver to Canada. C'mon Deej, it's been a year!

7:35 pm  
Blogger 962 said...

The very unknown part of Italy that I trust will always remain so
Get back to Tuscany Mrs Smith

10:03 am  

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