29 July, 2007


We have been playing with the satnav in our car which keeps taking us by strange convoluted routes to places that we don't want to go to, mainly because we keep on programming it for the Plough Lane that is NOT in Wimbledon, or roads that are NOT adjacent to Richmond Park. Anyway, we finally made it to Richmond Park, which I have actually never been to, in the 12 years that we were living in London before our Far Eastern adventures. It is fabulous! I don't know why the newspapers always go on about Hampstead Heath as though it had anything going for it apart from a view and lots of cruising homosexuals, and never say a word about Richmond Park. Yes, I do, it is because all the people who work in the media live in North London.

Anyway, Richmond is fabbo, we will be back there tomorrow and this time we are bringing a picnic and reading matter. Now that my month of leave is over, I see that the August forecast is for unremittingly fine weather. That is just typical. It is enough to make you believe in a god, and not a very nice one at that.

Speaking of God, went to Mary-le-Bow today which is where St Martin in the Fields is currently living while they refurbish its building. Stunning choir, who sadly are on holiday for the whole of August, so I won't be bothering to go back, till they come back. Service much more to my liking.

Extra-terrestial discussions:

Curly: You know, Curlyland is very far from the earth and the moon.
Me: Is it on a completely different planet?
Curly: Yes.
Me: In a completely different solar system?
Curly: Yes.
Me: How did you get here then?
Curly: In a rocket.
Me: And how are you going to get back?
Curly: In my rocket.
Me: And where is your rocket?
Curly: I've forgotten!


Blogger Tiny said...

Questions for Curly:
* How is it like in Curlyland?
* Once you have found your rocket, are you going to take Mommy and Daddy with you?

8:36 pm  
Blogger 962 said...

Did you see the deer
There are loads in Richmond I seem to remember.

8:01 am  
Blogger dgny said...

Oh yum, venison. Which reminds me, I have a rabbit post to write.

6:12 pm  
Blogger 962 said...

And so today to work

1:45 am  
Blogger adrian said...

Gah Satnav, finicky things. But people do seem to like the sultry voice when the machine insistently tells you that you're going the wrong way.

1:54 pm  
Blogger 962 said...

Hope the first day went well
Love you to sign this and pass it on to all your links.

2:30 am  

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