12 July, 2007


Went to pick up Larry's bridesmaid's dress from Wimbledon the other day. It is a frothy Midsummer Night's Dream fantasy in lavender raw silk and netting - fabulous. The theatrical reference is apposite as apparently the dressmaker is really a theatrical outfitters - Bridget Armstrong Hats of Wimbledon.

Then we nearly left the dress on the bus and had to run screaming back up the aisle, with Curly standing on the pavement looking reproachful, Larry scurrying about, and all the passengers staring at us as if we were the entertainment laid on for them for the afternoon.

Still haven't made it to the London Wetlands Centre. Have promised Larry we will go this afternoon, unless it rains, in which case we can create our own Wetlands centre by standing in the garden with a bag of mackerel.


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