13 July, 2007

London Wetlands Centre

well, it didn't rain, so we did make it to the London Wetlands Centre. We were coming back from the Waterstones in Piccadilly, so we took the 22 bus down to Putney and walked across the common to the Centre. I know it is a cliche, but this neighbourhood really does have a countryside feel to it. You can imagine that Barnes and Putney are still villages in the country, quite separate from the encroachment of the Big Smoke on the other side of the river.

LSS and Curly had gone home to "have a nap", so it was just me and the big kids. Stopped at the cafe to have late lunch - ham and pea soup for Mo, braised beef for Larry, carrot cake for afters, all very tasty, although the food was salted with an Eastern European hand. The Centre itself is lovely, very beautiful and peaceful for the oldies, and there was an adventure playground with a commando-style zip slide for the kiddies, which they could barely be torn away from. And I'm sure if I knew anything about water-fowl (called generically "ducks" by the kids), it would be a very paradise.

Walked back to Barnes. Passed Sonny's Restaurant on Church Road, which I notice is doing 2-course lunches for GBP15.50. Now how can I get rid of the kids, so LSS and I can treat ourselves to lunch there?

Larry insisted on stopping off at the Coach and Horses for a pint of orange and lemonade. GBP2.70! Iniquitous - harrumph, harrumph. Barman and other customers very chatty. I don't know why people say the English are reserved.

Off to Brecon for the weekend for Journalista's wedding. I wonder if wireless broadband has reached Wales?


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