21 August, 2008

Happy Birthday Ruthless Physicist!

Sorry, sorry, I know, it's not that I've been busy either, I don't know what I've been doing with myself. Working on draft 4 of the novel, that's what, trying to fix all the things the Ruthless Physicist said were wrong with it.

What else has been going on? We've finally exchanged contracts on the sale of our flat (without any attempt at gazundering - even though the purchasers are French. Can it be that cultural differences are finally working to our advantage?) so it looks as though we may actually be moving into our dream house in October, a mere 14 months after we first put in an offer on it.

Had lunch with Little Squish and Quasi-Squish at Pain Quotidien today. Actually I'd already had lunch (kippers, string beans and potatoes and they were lovely thank you very much), so I just came along for the treacle tart and a nice glass of rose and a fresh mint tea. Nattered away as if it hadn't been five years since the last time I saw her (the Q-S that is, I see Little Squish all the time) and invited ourselves round to visit her in Ireland. Hey, if I were going to wait for invitations, I would never go anywhere. DG, be warned, if you ever move to Prague, as you have been promising to do for the past 12 months.

Not much going on at work so have spent a happy few hours organising our holiday in Porto at half-term. Happy, apart from the time spent trying to book tickets online on the Ryanair website when I am not an EU citizen who does not want to pay GBP8 for anything extra, like luggage, airport checkin, paying by credit card, breathing too much, etc.

We are going camping next weekend on a wind-blasted barren mountainside in Snowdonia. When is that Indian summer going to arrive, I wonder?

Went to see the Revenger's Tragedy at the National last Friday with the Sub and her hub. There was much nudity and simulation of sex acts on the stage, of which there can never be too much in the subsidised theatre, if you ask me.

Reading a biography of Talleyrand. I love him and I hate him. I know he would have despised me. He seems to have despised everyone, the big Gallic knobhead.


Blogger Tiny said...

Phiz, you are back!

12:55 am  
Blogger dgny said...

I can live and dream! If I live in Prague or Paris or Brussels or Antwerp or Amsterdam or WHEREVER, you're always welcome, Phiz!

now let me read the book!

4:59 am  
Blogger SMW said...

Camping? In Snowdonia? Are you out of your mind?! The endless whinging and whining (and that's just LSS), the bitterly cold sleepless nights, the not-another-meal-out-of-a-tin feeling, the chemical toilets, the endless steams of cheerful scouts getting up at 4am to do some pre-Everest training.

Wish I was going with you.

7:34 am  
Blogger SMW said...

All our fingers and toes crossed for the completion.

7:35 am  
Blogger Icedink said...

Bloody hell, I thought you'd gone the way of macduff and retired. Had these Wandsworth Withdrawal these past few weeks.

10:58 am  
Blogger ulaca said...

Though an inveterate plagiarist (Chamfort in particular suffered at his hands), Talleyrand did come up with the excellent aphorism, "He who is absent is wrong".

A pioneer in understanding the importance of keeping dans le loop.

3:23 am  
Blogger FBT said...

I like what Metternich said on hearing of Talleyrand's death: "I wonder what he meant by that?"

6:00 am  

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