06 November, 2008

Connected again!

Ha ha back on the internet at last! Getting into the routine at the new house... alarm is set for 5am, so that I can switch on the light and just lie there waking up till 5.30. Get up, have bath, stumble downstairs to where we are forced to keep the wardrobe because we can't get it upstairs until we can get rid of said wardrobe. Get dressed. Make lunchbox. Have breakfast (hot buttered muffins and Marmite today). Give Mo his fishoil. Everybody else asleep. Leave house at 6.25. Catch bus at 6.27. Get to Earlsfield Station at 6.33. Catch 6.35 to Waterloo. Get to desk at 7.10. Work all day. Leave work 6-6.30. Arrive home 7-7.30. Help Mo with homework. Have dinner. Work on draft 5 of novel. Play some Brickbreaker. Go to sleep. Repeat till weekend.

House is virtually devoid of furniture. Trying to get some chairs from Freecycle. Had a real fire the other night. Felt like a person of substance.

Went to all-day Alan Ayckbourn fest at Old Vic - the Norman Conquests with Stephen Mangan as said Norman. Really enjoyed. Saw Michael Winner in the audience. LSS says it was not Michael Winner, it was Ken Russell. All I can say is, he needs glasses. It WAS Michael Winner. Paid for GBP10 seats but enjoyed the vacant GBP25 ones instead, which was a result. Lamb curry for lunch at the undeservedly empty Spice of India. Whitebait and chips at Livebait for dinner. Yum.


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