15 March, 2009


Today I sat outside on our old sun-warmed teak bench and read the Observer and listened to Radio 4 and drank a nice dry Soave and had a little perfect moment. There is a big fat bird in our garden - it looks like a normal songbird only about twice the size it should be. I swear it has doubled in size since I first noticed it 3 weeks ago. It is the only bird in the garden - I think it has killed and eaten the rest and now it is the size of a quail. It despises us and when we go into the garden, it just looks up from its incessant eating for long enough to give us a You looking at me? look, then goes back to its repast.

Last week, after I tempted fate, by bragging about our middle-class heaven, the heavens literally opened and rain came pouring down the side of the house, in through the cracks in our bathroom casement window, through the floor, through the ceiling and down into the kitchen. Simultaneously the pump in the other bathroom stopped working. So I had to spend muchos dineros on plumbing fixes.

Went into Chinatown today with the girls, at Curly's special request (the boys were off go-karting for Mo's birthday), and ate belly pork and preserved vegetables, and instant soup noodles with luncheon meat and a fried egg, at - where else? - the Cafe de Hong Kong, on Charing Cross Road. We lak vair much. Went on to Oriental Delights and bought a five-pack of Maggi Mee assam laksa flavour instant noodles, another of Superior Soup flavour, a pandan chiffon cake, and an industrial-size vat of chilli oil - with chilli dregs!

Saw Doctor Atomic at ENO on Friday - GBP10 tickets in dress circle! - which was very Mad Men. Quite liked it, although I fell asleep during the climactic last five minutes when they are waiting for the testbomb to drop - hey, it was warm, it was dark, it was past 9pm - I can't be expected to stay awake under those conditions. Then on Saturday night stayed up till 2am obsessively watching Entourage series 5 and the Sinead O'Connor video for Nothing Compares 2 U. I have a trashy mind.

Work mega stressful at the moment. Going to deal with it by not thinking about it.


Blogger Sir Compton said...

Leaky roof sounds irksome. Glass of wine in a sunny spot wonderful.

12:31 pm  
Blogger FBT said...

Hullo, Sir Compton, thanks for dropping by. If it weren't for DG and the Slovenian Mountain Woman, I fear this blog would be dying from inanition, so your visit is much appreciated.

9:19 pm  

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