23 August, 2009


We went through Stansted on the way out to KL this year. We were walking to board the plane and I was sorting out the passports when I dropped one of them and barked imperiously to my little train of minions, Someone pick that up!

Unnoticed by me, some humble Eastern European airport worker, who was standing in the corridor minding his own business, leaped to attention and hurriedly scrabbled to pick the passport up.

I, in the meantime, was marching on, wondering why it was taking so long for the passport to make it back to me.

And give it to me! I commanded. The airport guy hastened to pass it to Mo who passed it to me, and I sailed on, unaware that any of this had even happened. I only found out about it when LSS told me later on. I am clearly turning into Margo Leadbetter. I only hope the airport guy does not go back to Krakow or wherever thinking that everybody in the UK behaves like that.


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Go back?

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