20 May, 2009

Christian Aid

went knocking on doors for Christian Aid on Saturday. The old gave. The young gave. The salt of the earth gave. You know who didn't give? Middle-class WASPS. Only two white middle-class middle-aged males gave me money - one was Irish and the other was Greek. Interesting.


Blogger ulaca said...

Thank goodness I'm Normano-Celtic ...

Word verification agrees: caird

5:09 am  
Blogger MacDuff said...

Yes I found that too when I did some collecting for the Seamens Mission I think it was.
By the way I insured Christian Aid once. They wanted to cover their collectors during Christain Aid week if they were attacked by dogs.
It shows the extent of my dedication to to duty at the time that I even got the underwriter, without being asked by the client, to agree that slipping on a dog turd would be treated in the same way as being savaged by a rottweiler. I had a sense of humour ,of sorts, too and I remember making up their file with a picture of a savage bulldog on the cover.

10:27 pm  

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