17 May, 2013


Simply counting down the days till my sabbatical. From Monday there'll be just twelve weeks to go. Yesterday was one of the low-calorie days on my 5:2 diet. Unfortunately, I was on an offsite so there was a sandwich lunch which I only partially resisted. I had one small rye roll with a smear of smoked salmon and a very so-so chocolate biscuit. The Four Seasons conference catering is most indifferent, though the people are extremely well-trained and attentive. Then I got back to the office and someone pressed a Ferrero Rocher on me, which is very hard to resist. One of the chaps at the office recklessly said that he thought he could eat 30 of these in one minute, so he's going to be tested on that assertion today. Home, and kedgeree for dinner. Very nice, especially with chilli oil, though I couldn't have as much as I'd have liked due to the low-cal restriction. Never mind, today I can eat whatever I like, and I fully intend to!


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