04 March, 2011

Busy busy busy

Goodness, I'm tired. Either I'm getting old or I'm coming down with something. Thank God it's Friday. I got home only to find there was nothing to eat except tomato sauce with giant pasta tubes. I hate tomato sauce pasta - it makes me feel like an impoverished Italian peasant. But LSS had made it because Grace I-Don't-Like-This McDiarmid had come over for a play date. So I ended up eating toast and Marmite and left-over rocket salad and a hunk of corned beef I found in the fridge. Was it for this the flesh grew tall?

Went to Larry's parent-teacher meetings on Thursday. Needn't have bothered. The teachers could barely fill out each 5 minute slot. Once they'd finished saying, she's doing very well, nothing to improve, needs to speak up more in class, the conversation was over. Her maths is terrible though. She understands it, just makes loads of careless mistakes in tests. I'm making her do 30 minutes of maths practice every day. Tiger Mothers Rule OK!

Busy weekend ahead as the girls are both in Coppelia at the New Wimbledon Theatre. Must spend Saturday hunting down a white leotard for Larry in Putney. Why do they always tell us these things at the last minute? And Curly has put in a request for gammon steaks and fancy mash that she found in some free Waitrose recipe book for her Saturday lunch. I'm barely going to have any time to force the kids to do extra maths. Maths! maths! maths! that's what built the empire!

I've been trying in vain all week to sign up to learn Chinese online from some outfit in Beijing. The guy keeps trying to Skype me either when I'm at work or in the middle of the night. This does not bode well for their organisational abilities.

Got my bonus letter today. Good. I can turn the heating back on now.


Blogger What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

11:42 am  
Blogger mango said...

Have you tried Chinesepod (based in Shanghai)? The Blobs signed up for that, and their lessons are brilliant (the podcasts used to be free to download, but sadly no longer).

1:14 pm  
Blogger gilamonster said...

I was going to say that about ChinesePod too. They do Skype lessons also.

6:20 am  
Blogger gilamonster said...

Good to see Larry has inherited the "not speaking up enough in class" genes.

6:36 am  

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