20 January, 2011

I May Be Watching Too Much Television

I'm contemplating getting a Kindle. By "contemplate" I mean that in about a year's time I might actually get round to buying one.

Watching Charles Hazlewood deconstructing Mozart's Symphony No.39 in E Flat.

Just finished watching Le Diner de Cons. I don't understand the French. I suppose it's supposed to be a farce a la Feydeau, but it never really fizzed dans ma humble opinion.

Also just finished watching Zen. Rome and Rufus Sewell in Italian tailoring. Someone at the BBC is smiling on us middle-aged ladies!


Blogger mango said...

Kindle is useless in Malaysia since Amazon only allows digital downloads in the U.S.

I'm waiting for the e-reader prices to fall below 300 MYR (around 100 USD). MPH was having a special offer on e-readers over Christmas: iRiver, Hanlin, BenQ, Oaxis. The best deal so far is the Oaxis at 599 MYR. Hanlin is 799 MYR. Considering that a year ago the prices were all over a 1000 MYR, they're making progress.

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