20 August, 2010


looks like I have to activate the comment moderation because of all these mystery Chinese spam comments. I mean, I know I'm desperate for comments, but even I have some standards!

While on holiday I watched:
Despicable Me - some good jokes, surprisingly French flavour
The Sorcerer's Apprentice - not entirely execrable
Inception - basically an international heist movie, but with some pretentious what-is-reality mumbo-jumbo thrown in. Tom Hardy is a hunk!
The Jade and the Pearl - extremely low budget, started off very badly, but then became surprisingly romantic and touching - basically a rom-com Cantonese Tristan & Isolde if you can imagine such a thing with two extremely good-looking leads. I don't know why kings ever send their daughters off to be married for political purposes, while being escorted by the hunkiest most heroic general in their army.

And read:
Darkmans - had some ambition and interesting ideas, but obscured by intensely irritating writing style
Discovery of France - the French were basically half-human savages till about 150 years ago! That's the last time I let any French person lecture me on civilisation! Although there was an extremely good-looking snake-hipped young quant (all our quants seem to be French)having a conversation down by the photocopier this evening.
The Northern Clemency - somehow manages to make the extremely dull lives of a few families amazingly interesting, but falters in the home straight, when he seems to relax the iron-hard control he's exercised up till then, with parlous results for the ending

Every day at work I wonder how much more I can stand.


Blogger dgny said...

...on the work bit, I'm loving having a completely different job. Before I started this one, I suspect what I felt was quite like you do now.

8:34 am  

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