09 July, 2010

I'm back!

Been busy doing all kinds of stuff, but my mid-summer resolution is to start keeping my online diary (or "blog" as I understand the young people are calling it) again and to update religiously daily.

Went to a wedding reception at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park today. Fabulous day - scorchio, as they used to say in The Day Today. Mo and LSS had new shirts, and the girls looked like beautiful flowers in their new Monsoon dresses - very "young girls in bloom" a la Proust. Pigged out on "the little shrimp guys" as Larry called them and my day was made when a VERY NICE French(?) woman came over from the other side of the room just to tell me that I looked very elegant. (Of course I did - I was wearing my new dress from the Jaeger sale. Jaeger is going through a very good moment this season.) Oh, our Continental cousins. No English person would ever do that. We were 7 in our little Toyota Prius on the way back to Earlsfield - don't tell the cops.


Blogger dgny said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Sounds like a lovely time - I love dressed up occasions! I hope my new job has some opportunities to dress up, my current one is all techie casual.

2:39 pm  
Blogger Tiny said...

Good to see you back :-)

7:50 pm  
Blogger Andrew said...

Welcome back, Phizz. A champagne moment for us all.

4:51 am  

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