23 August, 2009

Food glorious food!

I swore that during these 2 weeks in Malaysia, not a morsel of food was going to pass my lips that I could get in the UK. I have never eaten so much food in my life. I swear my stomach capacity has increased in the 1 week that we have been back. Last night I ate 5/8ths of a mooncake by myself, without even noticing it.

Tonight we went to have Teochew porridge in SS2. I think my parents are taking advantage of the fact that there are so many of us here to order everything they want to eat. They just eat a tiny portion of it and I have to eat the rest. And then as we were driving back, we saw them stopping off at the corner all-you-can-eat durian place to buy yet more food! They KNOW I can't resist durians.

Yesterday Big Squish roped me in on a mahjong playing session. The rules are manifold and curious and they all play like lightning and can stack the tiles (even Dad with his Parkinsons) faster than I can, while I play like a doped snail. All I can say is, the civilisation that came up with the rules of mahjong clearly had too much time and ingenuity on its hands.

I've finally finished watching Battlestar Galactica. I think I would have made a good crewmember aboard the Galactica. Or a good Cylon. Or a good Cylon Galactica crewmember.

What should I watch next?


Blogger Tiny said...

It sounds like you are enjoying your trip back home :-) I tend to gorge on dumpling and seafood whenever I visit Hong Kong. I love durian too!

My mom always insists that playing mahjong can prevent dementia. She can definitely do mental arithmetic a lot better than me.

12:52 am  
Blogger dgny said...

Ew, durian. I so don't miss walking into Park n shop and walking out with the cloying sent all around me!

3:25 am  
Blogger SMW said...

Durian smells awful when cling-foiled up in a supermarket, but somehow smells OK when on a tropical street stall. And it tastes great.

(Do you remember the smelly tofu stall that used to be opposite the HSBC cash machines in Central? Certainly don't miss that!)

6:07 am  
Blogger fumier said...

If you think you are going to entice me into making another comment about uniforms, Phiz, you've got another think coming.

Hang on ...

4:39 am  
Blogger FBT said...

I have to say it's the uniforms that particularly appeal. Also the prospect of being a Raptor pilot and having all that thrust at my command...

11:13 am  
Blogger FBT said...

PS What is the matter with you all (except Tiny)?! Durians smell divine. Repeat after me: "Durians smell divine".

11:14 am  
Blogger Tiny said...

A durian related story - We can get frozen durians (not as good as the fresh ones but that's all we can have here) from the Chinese supermarket. A friend of mine loves durian. One winter day, she bought some frozen durian and had it defrosted, and invited me over for a durian feast. She insisted that we must eat it in the balcony so that we won't stink up her place. So, two crazy women put on a down jacket and ate durian out in the cold (probably about -10 degrees Celsius that day). We had to dash in every so often so as to avoid having frostbites on our fingers.

1:12 am  
Blogger SMW said...

Nice story Tiny! And you'll notice Phiz that even Tiny's friend, who loves durian enough to risk frostbite, is not enamoured enough of the smell to want it indoors.

6:48 am  
Blogger fumier said...

One jacket between two, Tine? Ooh-errr!

9:02 am  
Blogger Tiny said...

Let me put this way, durians taste divine and its scent very intense.

2:14 am  
Blogger fumier said...

I see, Tine. So you're actually talking about "durian", then?

8:29 am  

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