10 July, 2010

Britain Sizzles in the Seventies

Another busy Saturday traipsing the kids (and also the in-laws) all over town. Breakfast at Sultan's. The Cookies & Co people have gone back to Thailand for a month because her older sister who has Down's Syndrome is in hospital, so we've decamped to Sultan's for the duration. Then to Northcote Road for Curly's ballet. LSS came along too for the ride. There was no badminton today as they are redoing the floors of the club, so Mo was off on some water-based jamboree down in Ham, while Larry was just mooching around at home with Grandma and Grandpa. Bought 4 of the best peaches I have tasted for years - perfectly ripe, drip-down-your-chin peaches from the stall on Northcote Road. Then back home to pick up Larry and Grandma and ho! for Southfields and on to Hammersmith for Curly's Mandarin lesson. While she did that, we went to buy black leggings from Primark, for Larry's end of year play. She's playing assorted villagers, heralds etc in Robin Hood. Apparently that's what mediaeval Nottinghamshire villagers used to wear - Primark leggings and yards of faux-hessian purchased from an Indian drapers in Tooting. Had a nice drinkie in the Grove Tavern on Hammersmith Grove, then post-class, we went on to the Cafe de Hong Kong on Charing Cross Road, as Larry had a yen for their belly pork with mustard (Grandma's treat). Walked back across the river to Waterloo, then home. Then had to drop Larry off at her friend Saskia's for a sleepover. S's dad, whose name I do not know, came to the door in his shorts. So now I know what his naked chest looks like, but I still don't know his name, and it is a little too late (3 years too late) to ask.

In other breaking news I'm trying to haul myself up the Authonomy charts by being a total I'll-back-anything slut. But at least I read it first and leave a comment, which is always the truth and nothing but the truth, if not always the whole truth.

LSS is now barbecuing, lovely meaty smells wafting up the stairs.


Blogger dgny said...

Meh, who wants the whole truth anyway?

Sounds like a busy day - my sis is in town and we're having similarly running-around hither and yon types of days. I can't decide if I love it or hate it.

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