16 July, 2010

Day Off

So much for my resolutions! But I've got the day off today, so I can catch up. At the moment I'm very busy on Authonomy, trying to get my book up the charts and give it some profile. Meh, well, it keeps me out of trouble.

Went on a team dinner last night to a restaurant called Baltic in Southwark, recommended by the guest of honour, a Polish girl who is going on maternity leave. Unfortunately I'm still trying to do the semi-vegetarian thing, so instead of ordering a huge knuckle of pork the size of my head, horseradish coleslaw and red cabbage, I ended up with pickled herring, apple and beetroot, followed by Moldavian aubergine salad with flatbread and tzatziki. Frankly, I don't believe they eat salad like this in Moldavia and I KNOW taztziki don't come from there. Even as I type this, I'm beginning to wonder if Moldavia even exists, or is not just a made-up Hollywood-style Mittel Europa-type country.

Got up nice and late and went down to Northcote Road to buy Mo a pop-up one-man tent as he going camping tonight. It is raining slightly and very blowy, so he will have a very authentic British summer camping experience.

Lunch at Le P'tit Normand, which is like a little corner of France, as long as you don't look out the window onto the unlovely Merton Road. Trout for me, chicken for Mo, rabbit for LSS.

Now I am lying in bed groaning. I don't usually eat this much for lunch on a weekday. Snoozes, methinks.


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