11 July, 2010

Today's Food

Poor old LSS had to haul his parentals back up to Wolvo today, so me and the kids were left to our own devices. Took Scrabble down to Deen City Farm as usual for Larry's riding, but she didn't get much of a walk, as it looked like rain. Instead she shared some of my fried egg sandwich, down at the cafe in Merton Abbey Mills.

Church was even more shambolic than usual as the organist is in hospital, all the hymns were mixed up, and they'd prepared the wrong order of service.

We went up to Peter Jones to buy Larry ribbon to make her costume for the Robin Hood play, plus lunch at the Stockpot (lasagna for Curly, chicken for Mo, penne amatriciana for Larry, and whitebait for me).

Then back down again to Wandsworth Common for a picnic as specifically requested by Curly - chocolate eclairs, stem ginger cookies, cherries, cream soda and sherbet lemons.

Leftover couscous and sardines for dinner and so to bed.

Why does anyone care about the World Cup final, if they are not Spanish or Dutch?


Blogger dgny said...

I didn't care about the final. I'm neither Spanish nor Dutch, but the real reason is that I don't like to watch "football". Well, definitely not on TV. I might enjoy it if there were real men prancing about in front of me.

10:43 pm  
Blogger mango said...

Ahh Stockpot

9:10 am  

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