16 January, 2011


At last all that time wasted playing sudoku has paid off! We went to The Wandle today to try it out for Sunday lunch and won £20 off our bill for being the first ones today to complete their competition sudoku. Larry had the lamb shank and there was a big lovely juicy meaty bone left at the end, so we wrapped it up in the sports section of the Observer and took it home for the dog. She sat down in the middle of my campanula to eat it. I think - a la Yeats - she fancied a bit of crazy salad with her meat.

Not much else to report. Contemplated joining the Wodehouse Society, then thought I really haven't read enough Wodehouse to warrant it, so I settled for ordering his very first book from Amazon instead, The Pothunters. When I've read my way through his oeuvre, then I'll join.

Practised the Haydn and also the Mozart Vespers until my arms ached. Which didn't take long.

Have finished the Christmas cake. Started on the Christmas pudding.


Blogger MacDuff said...

starting on the Christmas pudding is a sign of desperation

10:45 pm  
Blogger mango said...

If you were feeling cheapskate-ish and don't mind reading Wodehouse on the computer or investing in an e-reader, there's a whole bunch of free Wodehouse on The Online Books Page website at Wodehouse on Online Books Page, including The Pothunters.

1:20 pm  
Blogger FBT said...

Mango, when am I ever not feeling cheapskate-ish?

Macduff, not only have I started on the Xmas pud, I am eating it with brandy butter that has a use-by date of 5 Jan. If I do not update this blog soon, it's a lesson that one should take those use-by dates more seriously.

10:10 pm  

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