15 January, 2011


Breakfast at Cookies as usual. ECB for Mo, fried rice for Curly and chicken noodle soup for Larry. Then Mo off to badminton, while I prevailed upon Larry to take Curly to see Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Caper on the Sat morning £1 show at Cineworld. Halfway through she texted to say that the film was incredibly dull and demanded payment.

I walked the dog and went down to Homebase with LSS to put down a deposit. We're turning the 2nd bathroom, which no-one uses because the window doesn't shut properly and all the enamel has come off the bottom of the gigantic cast-iron Victorian bath which takes ages to fill up, into a shower-room and adding a loo. This means there will be 3 loos within the space of 3 sq m on the 1st floor and no loos anywhere else. Oh dear. Bought a white camellia.

Got into the garden for the first time since November to plant out my camellia and found the lawn liberally spattered with moss and tiny little turds. Stupid dog! Also found a snow-drop! And the winter-flowering jasmine that has been looking like nothing but depressed green fronds since last summer has suddenly come into its own!

Bought a copy of Rupert Everett's memoirs from the 2nd hand bookshop next to Earlsfield Station for £1. Had a long conversation with a New College undergraduate who called up to try to get me to donate some funds to the old college. Ha ha! I told him to call back in 10 years' time when I'm no longer paying school fees. Baked a cherry cake and ran through the Haydn Requiem that we are doing in choral society this term. Watched Waldemar Janusczak on the Baroque in Spain (we love BBC4!). Langoustine pasta and tinned peaches with evap milk for dinner. And so to bed.

What exciting lives we lead...


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