21 December, 2007

Malaysian High Commission

Today I pay tribute to the Malaysian High Commission. I went there yesterday to get a new passport and I left there yesterday with a new passport - it took them 3 hours to turn the application around! The waiting room is beautifully heated and there is an actual person on reception to deal with each applicant individually and explain how to work the photocopier. And best of all, there is a cafe where they sell bungkus nasi lemak, mee hoon goreng, fried mee, curry puffs, kuih and sambal, all made daily by the mother of the person who mans the stall. Now that's what I call a High Commission - it is a shining beacon to consular offices everywhere.

Went to Borough Market today, which was delightfully Christmassy. Bought foie gras and truffle pate, cashew nuts (for Larry), almond baklava, Boston chipolata sausages. Lunched off wild boar sausage and rocket sandwiches washed down with tea and hot chocolate.


Blogger SMW said...

Nice contrast with the (lack of) service at the US embassy.

But what we want to know is: how is your UK permanent residency application going? Have you taken the test yet? What did you need to do to prove your undying allegiance to crown and country?

8:10 am  
Blogger dgny said...

I've found it much easier to get a passport at a Consulate/Embassy than it is back home.

I agree with SMW, what's the scoop on the UK?

5:47 pm  
Blogger 962 said...

SMW DG I have kept up my requests on the entrance exam results to no avail. Trust your requests result in an opening of the Chamber of nationality secrets. If not I will be forced to go on hunger strike and stop reading the excellent blog.
Allegance (sic i???) to the crown may be demonstrated by the following
1) Going to bed with a member of the royal family, excluding the corgis
2) Going to bed with a member of the labour party
3) Supporting Milwall you cant argue with a Milwall supporter
4) Becoming mamanger of England football team
5) Buying a house in Essex and a white Corniche.
6) Obtaining your only GCSE in TV trivia
7) Being able to recite the names of the entire cast of Coronation street from the begining including the date of first and last appearance
8) Name all the international sporting trophies that England hold as world champions. (Hope you get this question)
9) Explaining how the underground fare structure works, including tourist rates.

For me the wild boar and rocket was a mouthwatering thought.

Of course if it were the British consulate you probably would be offered mulled wine and mince pies. Or at least the staff would you would have to watch them eat them while standing in a chairless room with pictures of England on its only sunny day in 1976.

1:00 am  
Blogger ulaca said...

Ah baklava, the crème brûlée of the Bosphorus! I've never found any that tasted half as good as the stuff I had in Greece as a student complete with wispy beard.

6:53 am  

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