01 December, 2007

Turn of the Screw

Was supposed to go out for a drink with a friend last night, but she blew me off, pleading "tiredness". On a Friday night? I don't think so. Anyway, since I'd already cleared the night out with LSS, I thought I might as well go to Turn of the Screw at the ENO, which I'd be wanting to do next week, as it closes on 8 December. It was a Marinsky Theatre production and was indeed very Russian, everything in shades of grey and black, impressions of cold light, decaying splendour, everything declining and falling all over the place. Quite liked the music, but somehow the whole thing didn't engage, I felt as though I could feel it more if I were just listening to the music, instead of watching these people throwing themselves about on the stage. Possibly while reading the book at the same time. That would be a lovely thing to do on a quiet Sunday evening, with a nice glass of something at my elbow. Perhaps when the kids have grown up and left home I could actually do it.


Blogger random.thoughts said...

You're very lucky if my evening was cancelled I would be expected to return to normal duties and return to base camp. However I would probably not reveal it had been cancelled and arrange something else anyway!

What a tangled web!

10:09 am  
Blogger random.thoughts said...

I missed out some punctuation - it should read "You're very lucky - " etc.

Punctuation is everything, isn't it?

10:10 am  
Blogger 962 said...

Not to a lawyer

They were throwing themselves around the stage and reading at the same time.?

1:01 am  
Blogger Icedink said...

Keep your eyes peeled for the ENO's Mikado after Christmas - it looks great fun.

9:22 am  
Blogger fumier said...

If I was going for a drink with you, would you blow me off, Phiz?

12:37 am  
Blogger MacDuff said...

Six days shall thou swan around but on the seventh blog. 8th Dec

12:41 pm  

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