18 November, 2007

Curly's Birthday

Had rack of lamb for dinner yesterday. Says Curly, pointing to the little paper crown:

Curly: Look, mummy, your lamb has a hat on!
Me: [singing] My lamb has got a hat on. Hip hip hip hooray. My lamb has got a hat on and is coming out to play.
Curly: Coming out to die and be eaten, you mean, mummy.

She has a dark side.

It was Curly's birthday on Friday. We were quite disorganised. LSS had got it together enough to buy her a Polly Pocket horsey set, which was hastily wrapped by him on Friday morning, rather in the manner that a parcel might be wrapped by someone who had no hands. She was supposed to be going with two little friends to Bekonscot next weekend for her birthday treat. Only Little Sister calls up on Saturday to advise that Bekonscot is closed for the winter. Luckily all Curly wants is to have lunch with her pals at the Nightingale, then come home, "play with some puzzles" and then have cake, jelly, ice-cream and daddy's homemade pizza for tea. Took the kids to Momix yesterday at Sadlers Wells for a treat ("Why? I don't want to go into town! It's boring!" - but they liked it eventually and came out all enthused). Made trial cake today to ensure I understood our oven temperatures. Turned out ok.

Hauled my weary ass out onto the Common so Mo could do the fieldwork for his geography project, which consisted of asking a selection of bewildered Common-goers how often they visited the Common and what they did there. Everyone was very nice and accommodating - especially since it takes Mo at least five minutes to get out his little spiel. A surprising number of chaps with babies/kids (alright, I was picking the interviewees), who claimed to visit the Common daily. The very last chap we interviewed turned out to be an army vicar, on leave home from Iraq. So that was pretty interesting. Afterwards we lunched at (advertising alert) the agonisingly twee-ly named Munchkin Lane (Time Out Family-friendly Cafe of the Year) - it is indeed extremely family-friendly and well-thought-out. We both had chicken soup and hot buttered brown toast. I had English Breakfast tea. Mo had hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and we left very content and with every intention of returning soon.

Church this a.m. Dragged two kids along (Larry was at a go-karting birthday party in Streatham). Turned out that Sunday School is cancelled for rest of year while the whole lunatic body prepares for the Nativity Play. Huh. Apparently God doesn't want these kids to have a spiritual education. Signed up to help at the Xmas Fair, seduced by the organiser's provocative use of the terms "bric-a-brac" and "tombola" - words never heard outside the context of church/school fundraising activities.

Nice young fellow from number 155 turned up at the door with a birthday card for Curly which had been delivered to the wrong house.


Blogger Tiny said...

Perhaps Curly is ready for the grown-up world.

Today, while I was standing by the BBQ meat stand at a Chinese restaurant, I overheard the conversation among a few young kids. One of them pointed out "Look at pig's teeth. Ooooh, that's the eyes. Eeeewww. That man is chopping off the pig." The rest of the girls started to make some funny sounds and giggle. A child's mind is a very interesting place.

2:26 am  
Blogger ulaca said...

Now we know why you married LSS! Men who can make pizza are rare indeed. Outside London, Glasgow and Italy, naturally.

2:57 am  
Blogger fumier said...

I'm partial to a nice rack myself.

10:32 am  
Blogger Songshards said...

What no jumble sale?

8:26 am  
Blogger 962 said...

Songshards, that I believe is what Bric a brac is?? For a more meanigfull explanation try ad fab

4:24 am  

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