27 October, 2007

A Shropshire Sojourn

Back from Shropshire, which was cold. Stayed in a place called Hannigan's Farm, which we got out of Alasdair Sawday's UK Bed and Breakfasts, and it was very good - about the same as we paid for the horrible soulsucking place in Brecon, but about a hundred times nicer. They lent us an OS map of Wenlock Edge, as the copy that I had carefully purchased at Stanford's the day before had been just as carefully left at home. Had a copy of A Shropshire Lad considerately placed on the bedside table, so it was just as well I never got round to buying that. Had 5 dogs including a 3 month old black spaniel puppy that Larry fell in love with and wants one exactly like that. Except that I see from the papers that owning pets is an indicator for breast cancer, so I've kind of gone off the idea of having a dog. Came away with a jar of their homemade honey.

Saw LSS's relativos and ate lamb curry, kedgeree, prawn and pumpkin curry, spinach curry, dhal, and also a jam sponge that their neighbour had kindly baked when she heard we were coming. Came back with a huge tupperware full of kedgeree.

Walked on Wenlock Edge. Started our walk at the NT YHA nearby (Westerhope Hall) which was run by a young man with a face like a weasel. As instructed by the signs in the carpark we went in and asked whether it was alright to park in the carpark even though we were not staying at the hostel. Yeh, he says, as if it were the stupidest question in the world. Do we have to pay you a pound, we say. Nuh, he says, as if this was also the stupidest question in the world. Why then are there signs in your carpark saying that the carpark is for YHA guests only, we wanted to say. And that the charge is one pound, you miserable rat-faced little dungheap whose competence only rises to sporadically manning the reception at a YHA hostel in the middle of nowhere? How about if we ripped the weedy moustache off your upperlip and superglued it to your forehead? Would that be a stupid question too?

But of course we did nothing of the kind but gave him a pitying middle-aged smile and went on our merry way. Entertained the children with tales of the Werewolves of Wenlock Edge. They were not amused.

Also went to Ironbridge, which is absolutely stunning. It is a World Heritage Site which I was a bit surprised at, although it is very pretty. I mean, yes, yes, world's first iron bridge, etc, but as bridges go, I've seen a lot more spectacular ones. Had very tasty sausage roll at a pie shop there though.

Our satnav is slavishly devoted to main roads, the bigger the better. She will detour miles out of our way at the mere sniff of a motorway, which gets her all excited, silly woman. On the other hand, she is remarkably patient and you can never detect a hint of irritation as we fail to take the right exit off a roundabout for the millionth time, not even the millisecond's pause that (if I were the satnav) would be an indication of the homicidal thoughts that were revolving unspoken in my brain.


Blogger SMW said...

Re dogs and breast cancer: one of the research findings was that exposure to dogs from an early age counteracted any possible threat. So no problem with the kids. It's YOU who'd be at risk (the research specifically commented on the higher prevelance of breast cancer in Asian woman who have no exposure to dogs in their childhood and who get a dog when they move to the decadent West).

7:13 am  
Blogger FBT said...

oh joy

8:57 am  
Blogger SMW said...

so how do you think i feel with two mangy muts in the house?

9:15 am  

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