31 October, 2007


back from Siegfried. I can't take these fat broads pretending to be sexy warrior maidens. It's such a sexy situation, filled with potential for burning passion and it is impossible to really get into it with a roly-poly dumpling thudding all over the stage. I just take in the set, get the general gist of the action, then read the surtitles, listen to the music and imagine the action taking place with Milla Jovovich and Viggo Mortensen on stage instead.

Got into a conversation with the woman sitting next to me who lives in Marylebone while her husband lives in Surrey. She is one of these retirees who has no intention of going gently into that good night.

2 little boys were killed last week trying to cross the M56 on their scooters. The father of one of them was quoted, criticising the authorities for not maintaining the protective barriers on the motorways adequately to prevent this kind of accident. He was silent on the subject of why he had allowed two 6-year olds to play outside unsupervised for so long that they had time to wander off, cross the motorway by a footbridge (with their scooters), get lost, and then try to make their own way back across the motorway.


Blogger 962 said...

Its always somebody elses fault when your offspring get wrapped around the front of a mercedes travelling at one hundred miles an hour.

I feel sorry for the kids, but I cannot imagine the way you deal with such an event if you were the driver or I believe drivers in this case.

I know how I feel when I run over a rabbit.

This seems to be a case where sterilisation of all parents concerned should be the minimum, followed by serious jail terms for lack of due care and attention of a minor.

And on the subject of sterilisation who is the mentally challenged miss blobby Home Secreatry i saw on sky today. She must have been trained in the George Bush school of public speaking. At least that other chipper fellow, the foreign secretary has an air of authority about him. Ms blobby looks like her last job was selling ads in yellow pages.

1:40 am  
Blogger Fumier said...

I saw that Foreign Sec speaking when I was in the UK the other day. He looks like an eighteen year old with Tony Blair's mannerisms. Wottacnut!

2:15 am  
Blogger Icedink said...

Tragic for the parents, the kids and the drivers. I used to live on the next housing estate along and know where it happened. To get there, the kids would have had to make their way thick woodland, albeit with a path through the middle. The motorway does have a fence but one can only assume that they were more scared of the dark in the woods than of dragging their scooters up the bank. Kids will always do this sort of thing, however much they're told not to. Some kids, anyway. It's the reason more boys are born than girls.

Fumie, you're right about Miliband. I used to fanatasis that all that carefully sculpted hair was afixed to his cranium via press studs and that when these had been undone and the hairpiece removed, a series of flashing lights and whirring wheels would be revealed. The sad thing is that he seems to be one of the more able members of the great Broon's cabinet, having more charisma than many of the other dolts.

9:38 am  

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