25 November, 2007

Eastern Promises

went for a drink with an old friend who has just got engaged to a 25-year old Muscovite bank clerk whom he met on the internet 1 year ago. Gulp. They had spent some time together in St Petersburg, Sri Lanka, London and latterly in Kiev. He has met her family and she has met his. They text and phone daily. Gosh I hope it works out.

The drink was at the Guardian Royal Exchange and the atmosphere lovely and Christmassy. He is trying to find a venue for the wedding - somewhere glamorous, costing less than £10k, that can cater Indian vegetarian for 400 people, anyone? - so I said he could do worse than try and get that space. It would be fabulous - all that glass and space and lights and pillars with the grim grey winter-blue City outside. Not for less than £10k though.


Blogger dgny said...

I've decided to refuse to meet anyone on the internet. All future sweetie-pies must first be cleared the old fashioned way - by friends and family. I suppose I ought to warn them they're expected to turn up a likely candidate or two.

5:48 pm  

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