25 August, 2008

Chinese Torture

Tried Mo out on 20mg of Equasym yesterday. He managed to swallow them whole (cunningly dipped in yoghurt) - hooray! I'm not very good at swallowing pills either - it's amazing how alike we are physically - well, not that amazing I suppose. It does seem to have some effect - we did an hour of maths, an hour of French and an hour of English yesterday. Normally, he can only manage half an hour of each and no more than 2 out of the 3 and each session is peppered with plaintive requests to know whether the time is up yet. And he remembered most of his capital letters and punctuation too without prompting. I suppose simply being able to concentrate for a much longer period of time at one go is bound to help his schoolwork. Seems to have no side effects either - one of the more common ones is appetite suppression - but we went out to dim sum with Little Sister, Quasi-Sister and an Oceanographer that QS found washed up on a beach somewhere on the south coast, and he ate vast amounts of everything. Afterwards, went down to Trespass in Covent Garden and bought myself a waterproof parka for our Snowdonian adventure.

Spent an hour torturing Larry with Chinese in the afternoon. I don't know why she doesn't enjoy it - it's such fun thinking up ways to remember the characters. Yesterday we had the story of the woodcutter who went out into the woods very early to cut down a TREE to make a TABLE and on the way he saw a little BIRD flying above the rising SUN. And the next day he sent his son to cut down a TREE to make a CHAIR. And he said to his son, are you sure you are BIG enough? And the son said, Dad, of course I CAN. Now, I don't know about her, but after all that, the way to write table and chair are now indelibly engraved in my mind.


Blogger ulaca said...

Sharing the torture of learning with the children is always a smart move.

7:37 am  
Blogger SMW said...

Why are you torturing poor Larry like this?

11:47 am  
Blogger FBT said...

she'll thank me in 20 years time when the Chinese rule the world.

4:57 pm  

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