26 August, 2008


Food and beverages:
Porridge for breakfast
Green tea to drink during the day
Leftover roast pork, mashed potatoes, runner beans and peas for lunch
Ma po noodles for dinner
Slice of toast with Marmite
Slice of toast with homemade raspberry jam
Rich tea biscuit
Cup of tea


Interesting conversations:

LSS made Curly a robot outfit out of a long thin cardboard box with holes cut out for her face and arms. She did the whole range of robot activities - scratching the top of her robot head, rubbing her robot tummy, standing with her hands on her robot hips, trying to sit down and falling over on her back and being unable to get up again without assistance, climbing up the stairs, etc, and had to be forcibly prevented from putting her pillow and her hotwater bottle into the box with her before retiring for the night.


Blogger ulaca said...

You should get her one of those spring-loaded indoor tents. Keep her occupied for hours.

3:33 am  

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