09 November, 2008

Local Shopping Opportunities

All those people who complain about the homogeneous high street full of the same old boring chain stores should come on down to Garratt Lane, which is jampacked full of the most diverting range of curious businesses all apparently in the last stages of terminal decay. We have Mr Wandle's Workshop, who seems to specialise in old junk, a place that repairs lawnmowers and nothing else, a secondhand clothes shop, the aptly named SJ Roots hairdressers, our local Thai greasy spoon and for the times when it is closed, our Turkish greasy spoon, Sultan's Cafe. On Merton Road we have the Villeroy and Boch factory outlet where I am planning to spend most of my time in the run up to Christmas, as nothing speaks to my soul like fine china, unless it is stationery, also a place called Chomette where yesterday we bought 6 lead crystal port glasses for GBP6, and the beautiful art deco Southfields Tyre Company.


Blogger dgny said...

We have a village nearby, with some old, some new. A couple of cobblers and clothing shops that I'm not sure do enough business to pay the rent. My favourite is the Mom & Pop hardware store. I could spend hours in there, looking for my next "project"...

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