01 February, 2009


Larry and I are learning to knit. I learned from an excellent www.cyberseams.com "left-handed knitting" video on youtube. Then I had to teach Larry by reversing left-handed knitting into right-handed knitting. We have discovered a gigantic sewing emporium on Balham High Road, just along from the Halfords and the sewing machine specialist shop. For years and years we lived in Balham and I never realised it was a sewing tackle mecca. I have bought a ball of blue aran wool mix as big as my head to knit a scarf for Larry. Larry is at the delightful stage where she starts off knitting a scarf and it turns into a pennant.

LSS says, It's odd, but my mother is capable of executing the most fantastically complex Arran jumper knitting patterns, even though she is the scattiest most confused person I know.

Me: Well, of course she can.

LSS: Why?

Me: Because, obviously, she's woolly minded.



Blogger Tiny said...

How about show and tell? Take some pictures of whatever you and Larry have knitted and post them here :-)

12:15 pm  

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