22 January, 2009

When the Rudyards Cease Their Kipling and the Haggards Ride No More

Am reading Kim with Mo in the evenings - I must say, for a Nobel Prize winner, Kipling is an amazingly pleasurable read. My credit crunch reading is now Kipling's poems.

Watched Mortimer in Tuscany on iPlayer, which combined with the Castiglione, has made me want to drop everything and jump on a Ryanair flight to la bella Italia.

My God, will this winter never end! Have booked AirAsia flights to KL for August. Now I feel poor.

Ate at the new Rasa Sayang in Chinatown week before last - not bad. Planning to go to a Szechuan place in Bethnal Green that got absolute glowing reviews from the Observer, for Chinese New Year.

Saw Defiance. I wouldn't mind being stuck in a woodland shelter with Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber in all their rough partisan-garb over the winter.


Blogger dgny said...

Ooh! I've been watching the ads and drooling. Must see it!

5:38 am  
Blogger mango said...

Kim has been on my To Read list since forever, and now even Mo has beaten me to it.

I told Blobs about the new Rasa Sayang and she said she thought it had been open for years, but I suspected this was a different one. For one thing, I have a notion the old one wasn't in Chinatown but somewhere on a very long windblown road. Anyway I remember some place cold and bleak before trundling her off to the station to catch her train.

Are you coming over in August then? I thought you planned April.

12:17 pm  
Blogger FBT said...

Ooh, you must DG, it will warm your cockles. I think you would make a good partisan.

Mango, yes, we can come for slightly longer in August and it wasn't going to cost any more. Wish it was August now.

9:34 pm  
Blogger dgny said...

Ooh, as if it weren't going to be steamy enough in August, the Phiz is headed to KL. I have to say, Singapore was lovely in January - and we had the pool to ourselves!

Defiance is on the schedule for the weekend, I'll be sure to look for good Partisan role models (?) and ooh-er, my cockles certainly need warming!!!!

5:47 am  
Blogger FBT said...

yes, KL, I'm coming out, so you better get the party sta-arted!

3:26 pm  

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