03 January, 2009

Abort! Abort!

Had a very abortive day today. First we went down to the Northcote Music Shop to get Mo a boy's guitar, but the chap there said he was big enough to use a fullsize one - and we already have a fullsize guitar - so we came away.

Then we went to the Battersea Dog's Home to see about getting a dog, but all they had were Staffies that had been abandoned by their hoodie thug owners, none of which (the dogs and the owners) were suitable for families with children, so we came away again.

Then we went up to King's Road to get a matching lamp for the one that my dear little squish got us for Crimbo, only to find that there is no longer a Habitat on King's Road. So we came away.

Then we went up to Peter Jones to see about getting some door numbers for our front door, only to find that they no longer do them. We went up to the 6th floor to see about getting personalised stationery, only to find that LSS and I disagree on the paper weight, colour, font, layout and everything else that it is possible to disagree with on the subject of stationery. So we came away.

So the only thing we accomplished was getting a single fitted sheet for Mo's bed. And now LSS has gone to Sainsburys to buy a huge vat of mushroom soup, to drown our sorrows in.


Blogger SMW said...

Are you trying to do your bit to keep the UK economy off the skids? Well done phiz!

7:04 am  
Blogger dgny said...

Have you been watching the Dog Whisperer? I hope so, before you get one! Start off right!

I got the G a shiny red electric guitar for xmas. He loves it with a passion he never had for my battered old acoustic and he practices 100x as much. Highly recommended.

7:10 am  

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