29 December, 2008

J Walter Hottle Bottle

I think I am forming an emotional attachment to my hot water bottle - it's so lovely and warm and comforting and (now that it is wearing its new Christmas stripey knitted cover) fuzzy. When we go on holiday I seriously contemplate taking it with me, because I don't want to be parted from it.

Yesterday, LSS looked up from the Sarah Connor Chronicles to announce: I can see my breath! I looked up from Celebrity Mastermind and assayed a breath. I too could see my breath. Alright, I give up - we're turning on the heating.

Back to work for me today. LSS and the kids had massive breakfast at Not the Best Cafe in Wandsworth, then went on gigantic walk across Wandsworth Common, up Northcote Road (pausing to buy Larry half-price walking boots from Blacks) and up to Clapham Junction.


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