24 December, 2008

Secret Agent Curly's Mission Report

23/12/08 The Daddy monster is trying to blow up all of the earth to make a new planet for his kind of monster the Rakins!! The Rakins are the most dangerous monster in the whole unirvurse. Agent Isabel.

23/12/08 So we secret agents must stop the Rakin monsters or else they will destory all humans and animals!! The Daddy monster is the king of the Rakin monsters. The Queen is very nice and is trying to stop her husband from hurting us and the animals of the earth. Agent Larry

The Queen Rakin has asked us to stay in a very very good hiding spot just in case the Daddy monster does anything stupid or bad. Agent Curly.

23/12/08 This is very bad. Larry is a double agent and is on the Rakins side and she's found out what I'm about to do but I have a sneaky plan to stop the daddy monster from getting the note by sneaking up on him and hitting hard with a long cardboard tube on his head. All agents take this note all of you should get this note down. Agent Curly.

23/12/08 We must stop Larry from getting to daddy and telling him what were going to do to him so we have asked the Queen Rakin whats going on and she says everything going fine. Agent Larry.

Christmas Eve 24/12/08 Okay all agents this is bad news. The Daddy monster has found out what were going to do but this is good news because Larry doesn't want to be a double agent anymore because she's bored of being a double agent. Agent Rosie.

Christmas Eve 24/12/08 Everyone knows that were secre agents so we have to keep it a secret to anybody else because all of my family know that I'm a secret agent. Agent Curly. (Picture above of Agent Curly's consternation at the blowing of her cover).

24/12/08 Disappearance's are happening all over the world and we think the Daddy monsters got them locked u pin cages above shark-infested waters and is going to release the rope and make the cages fall. Agent Grace.


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I fear the worst, with no postings since Christmas Eve. All swallowed by a massive turkey?

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