03 December, 2008

Country House

It's a strange thing about this house - even though it is on a big busy road, when you step inside it, you feel as if you're in the country. I suppose when it was built, it WAS in the country, and it still feels like a country house. How nice it would be if when you looked out the window, you could actually see Wandsworth as it was two hundred years ago, with cress fields all around and the river Wandle burbling away in the background.

Went to the Rothko exhibish at the Tate today, which was primo - then fish and chips with the hubby at the cafe for lunch.

On the tube today, one chap tapped another chap on the shoulder and said, in a fetching mixture of self-importance and reticence, Excuse me, but that gentleman appears to have his hand in your back pocket. It turned out that it was NOT a gentleman's hand in his back pocket, but the hand of the chap's girlfriend. There were muttered apologies and we all continued on our journey in an atmosphere suffused with embarrassment.

Poor old SMW decided to descend from her mountain fastness to take a sophisticated city break with an old chum from Goldman Sachs. Formerly from Goldman Sachs, I should say. Guess where she went? Venice. I hope she brought her waders with her.


Blogger SMW said...

Not gone yet - waiting to see whether we need to take wellies or a surfboard.

6:22 am  
Blogger dgny said...

What, is it raining in Venice? Surely it does a lot of that in the winter? I have Euro-envy.

4:23 am  
Blogger SMW said...

Heavy rain coincided with high tides making Venice more of an underwater experience than usual.
Sitting here watching the snow fall I'm wondering how the hell I'm going to get to the shops (OK, shop) today. Think that's called city-envy.

6:56 am  
Blogger fumier said...

That reminds me - have you hung up that Rothko I gave you, Phiz?

11:48 am  
Blogger FBT said...

no, it is leaning against the wall. Along with all our other paintings.

Word verification: embhake. I'm planning to do some embhaking today.

6:28 am  
Blogger SMW said...

Venice was back to its usual state of flooding, which means the Venetians get out their incredibly shapely beatifully coloured wellington boots (some even high heeled). Fumier would have loved it.

7:12 am  
Blogger fumier said...

High-heeled wellies. Combine with a nurse's uniform and you're really talking.

manistic - something DG hasn't seen for a while.

5:17 am  

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