18 July, 2009


Curly just called me a blackguard, all because I said she was my little Crunchie bar and I was going to eat her up. She has kindly pointed out that she does not have a honeycomb middle and that her insides are all yucky and full of stomach juices.

05 July, 2009

So much for June

Horrible hard-working June doing vile new job. No time to do anything except work. When I'm not working I'm spending all my time on the Harper Collins' Authonomy website, which is like a ghastly computergame that brings out all the worst in human behaviour.

The garden is lovely. All I want to do is spend all day every day sitting out there, with a nice cold glass of wine, reading my book, and looking at roses.

Everyone is complaining about the heat but our house remains mysteriously cool. It was hell in the winter (a frozen hell) when we used to go outside to keep warm, but now, when all around are sweltering, the interior of the house is like some serene Andalucian palace, with delightful coolness emanating from the walls. Garden ditto, due to all the lime-tree bower-like shade and the delicious refreshing breezes.

Have discovered local swimming baths at the Merton Road Aspire Centre. We go every Sunday after church. Curly has finally learned to swim unaided. Hooray! We are all looking forward to splashy fun at the Lake Club in KL in August.

Eating lots of white Magnum ice-creams. Yum!

That stupid Scot, Murray. What did he have to go and get all our hopes up for, if he was only going to dash them to the ground yet again?

I am leading a strange bipolar sort of life, where for 5 days in the week, I am in miserable hell, and for the remaining 2 days, I am in blissful paradise. When will the bank start offering round those delightful 4-day week or 1 year off for 75% pay cut proposals that everyone else is doing?