20 August, 2010


looks like I have to activate the comment moderation because of all these mystery Chinese spam comments. I mean, I know I'm desperate for comments, but even I have some standards!

While on holiday I watched:
Despicable Me - some good jokes, surprisingly French flavour
The Sorcerer's Apprentice - not entirely execrable
Inception - basically an international heist movie, but with some pretentious what-is-reality mumbo-jumbo thrown in. Tom Hardy is a hunk!
The Jade and the Pearl - extremely low budget, started off very badly, but then became surprisingly romantic and touching - basically a rom-com Cantonese Tristan & Isolde if you can imagine such a thing with two extremely good-looking leads. I don't know why kings ever send their daughters off to be married for political purposes, while being escorted by the hunkiest most heroic general in their army.

And read:
Darkmans - had some ambition and interesting ideas, but obscured by intensely irritating writing style
Discovery of France - the French were basically half-human savages till about 150 years ago! That's the last time I let any French person lecture me on civilisation! Although there was an extremely good-looking snake-hipped young quant (all our quants seem to be French)having a conversation down by the photocopier this evening.
The Northern Clemency - somehow manages to make the extremely dull lives of a few families amazingly interesting, but falters in the home straight, when he seems to relax the iron-hard control he's exercised up till then, with parlous results for the ending

Every day at work I wonder how much more I can stand.

39 Steps

Just finished watching this on i-Player - the Rupert Penry-Jones version. Drool.

Weekend at last. Must do some weeding. Also there's a dead blackbird in our front garden.

Have finally got round to printing out the last draft of the book, preparatory to sending it off to Cornerstones to see if they'll help me get an agent. Bracing myself for inevitable rejection by making alternative plans. SCBWI Agents' Party in September, plus crawling up the Authonomy ranks. Maybe I should re-start working on Charlie. That should get my mind off it. There are always more stories to tell when you're an inveterate romantic!