29 January, 2014

Dad Dreams

I like to listen to Tweet of the Day just before the Today programme begins at 6am during weekdays. It reminds me of Daddy and his birdwatching. I had a dream about him last night. I came home for a visit and he was there but well and healthy again, as he used to be, particularly standing up straight and not shaking. I kept on saying how well he was looking and wondering what had happened to bring about this recovery, but of course, just like our family, no one said anything and acted as though it nothing was different!

19 January, 2014


I am painting the shutters in the study - Farrow and Ball "dimity". There are 2 windows. Each window has 4 shutters. Each shutter has 3 panels. So front and back, 2 coats, that is 96 planes that need to be painted. You have to paint them in a certain order so that the hinges don't stick shut, you don't smudge the ones you've already done that haven't dried yet and you have dry bits to hold onto as you paint, as otherwise the shutters move about. It's like a fiendishly complicated Japanese puzzle.

18 January, 2014

Things i do because my father did them

wear a Seiko automatic
reverse using only the mirrors, instead of looking over my shoulder
straightening out the bend when taking corners
dressing for comfort, rather than style

Toilet Talk

L: I need a pee
me: maybe you should go before we leave the house
L: maybe you should
me: I already did. who else needs to update us on their toilets habits? Alice?
A: I'm not talking to you people.